Other Systems

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

LIMS is a comprehensive Hospital Laboratory Management System that automates the processes starting from sample receipt to the delivery of the test results. The system has bi-directional and uni-directional data exchange facility with test devices in all the labs including biochemistry, hematology and microbiology. The software is capable of integration with new test devices through easy configuration. Test result capturing, authentication, authorization and formatting for the final delivery are fully automated in the system.

LIMS is currently used by ICDDR,B.

Broker Management Tool

Broker Management Tool provides visibility to vendor managed clearance process. It is also a platform to on-board future vendors. It produces a host of customized reports and creates archive of cleared shipments with progress details.

DHL Express is the current user of the software.

Clearance & Recovery Assurance Tool (CRAT)

DHL Express is the current user of the software. CRAT monitors each consignment’s status and complies with the requirements of the Authority – Customs &  NBR.

Electronic Notice of Arrival System

An automated dashboard of activities checklist in the Clearance and Recovery assurance process for the visibility of complete and pending tasks of an inbound movement. Faster inbound clearance process is ensured through effective automation of Notice of Arrival and Letter of Authority processes, sent through email, with minimum paper works.

Air Alliance Bangladesh (UPS) is the current user of the software.