Electronic Fund Transfer System

Electronic Fund Transfer System is a foreign remittance management system. It fully automates the activities of an EFT company starting from receiving fund from remitter through agencies to the receipt of the remittance transfer information at the corresponding financial institution for payment to the beneficiary. The software can be customized to adopt the financial regulations that may vary from country to country.

Anti-Money Laundering Regulations Compliance

Management of Local & Foreign Remittance

Real-time Exchange / Dealing Rates

Sending / Receipt of Remittance Information to / from Corresponding Financial Institutions in Customizable Reporting Formats

Monitoring of Fund Positions of Corresponding Financial Institutions and Franchises

Allows users option to communicate with Corresponding Financial Institutions in variable/customizable report formats.

Allows real-time monitoring of fund positions of Corresponding Financial Institutions as well as Franchises

Enables quick adoption of to the statutory requirements of the regulatory bodies.


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