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CEL has been developing business application software since the inception in 1992. Initially CEL was a preferred vendor over its competitors because of its keenness to develop applications that were tailor made for the customers. We, at CEL, had the good opportunity of working with industries, businesses and organizations who have the reputation of introducing the best practices and maintaining a high standard in this regard. This gave us the unique prospect of developing solutions which are design and architecture wise extremely flexible, scalable, extensible and modular. Slowly, we assimilated the knowledge in quite a few business domains and with the design and architecture solidity in place; we could start planning for standard products. Today we have a number of standard products for a number of business domains that:

  1. Are tailored for coping with the regulations of Bangladesh,
  2. Have the extensibility to implement on modular basis,
  3. Have the flexibility to cater customization and configuration.

Sales and Distribution System
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Human Resource Management System
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Enterprise Resource Planning System
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Electronic Fund Transfer System
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