At CEL we are offering a range of services on software development arena for your business. This includes:

@ Need Analysis by expert Business system Architects
@ Consultation on Hardware needs and Communication and Network architecture
@ Complete Design of Automated / Web-based Business system
@ Development of the Software
@ Training on the use of the Software developed by CEL
@ Maintenance of the Software developed by CEL
@ User and Technical Documentation
@ Conversion of Legacy Software

We are focused at developing Integrated Software systems for Industrial & Business Concerns to monitor production and business paths, evaluate and analyze information to help make management decision & increase productivity & efficiency. Our focus sector revolves around Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SME).

On the other hand we are working in projects with Multi-national companies where our domain knowledge in similar sectors are used to develop customized business solutions catering for local needs.

We are keen to explore and exploit the foreign software market and build up an export oriented software industry in this country. In last few years we have been concentrating hard on foreign software ventures and trying to establish ourselves as a software company of true international quality.

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