Hospital Management System


Customized Setups
                Setup Service Areas and Departments
                Setup Surgical and Non-Surgical Procedures
                Setup Other Services
                Setup Hospital Supportive Services
                Setup Accommodation Facilities
                Setup Investigations
                Setup Prices of Accommodation, Procedures, Services, Investigations
                Setup Consultants' and other Doctors' Basic Information
                Setup Revenue sharing parameters
Emergency and In-patient Service Management
                Procedures (surgical and non-surgical)
OPD Service Management
                OPD Consultation Management
                                Queue Management
                                Prescription Automation
                Out-Door Ticketing Service Management
                OPD Laboratory Investigation Billing
                Hospital Supportive Services
                Canteen and Food Court Billing
                Mortuary and Ambulance Billing
Laboratory Investigation Management
                Sample Receipt
                Result Recording
                Report Delivery
Consumable Inventory Management
                Classification n of Consumable Inventory
                Receipt from Suppliers
                Requisition and Issue to Departments and Service Areas
                Use of hospital consumables in procedures and investigations
Drug Store Management
                Receipt of Medicine Supply at Central Store
                Transfer of Medicines to Drug Stores and Departments
                Sales of Medicines from Drug Stores with Billing
                Requisition and Delivery of Medicines for In-patients
                Return of Medicine to Suppliers
                Purge of Unusable Medicines
Hospital Fixed Inventory Management
                Asset Recognition
                Transfer of Asset between Departments and Service Areas
                Asset Revaluation
                Asset Value Addition
                Asset Sales
                Asset Write Off
                Depreciation Calculation
Integrated Sales and Commission Management
                Admission related commission
                Investigation related commission
                OPD Consultation Revenue Sharing
                IPD Consultants' and Procedures' Revenue Sharing
Integrated Financial Accounting Management
                Integration with IPD and OPD billing and Cash Counters
                Integration with Fixed Asset and Consumable Inventory
                Integration with Drug Store Inventory and Billing
                Journal, Bank and Cash Voucher Management
                Financial Reporting



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