Armada is the ERP Solution from Computer Ease.


Armada is primarily meant for
                Pharmaceutical Companies
                Heavy Industrial Concerns (Power, Engineering, Leather)
                FMCG Sector (Manufacturer and Distributors)
                Big Trading Concerns
                Major Retailers
                Service Providers (Telecom, Travel Agent, Tour Operators)              

NOTE: Armada is customizable for other types of businesses in Bangladesh
                                Local and International Courier Services
                                Textile, Knit and Woven Garment Industries

Armada comprises the following modules
                Financial Accounting
                Fixed Asset Inventory and Accounting
                Human Resource Management
                Procurement Management
                Inventory Control
                Material Management
                Production Management
                Sales and Distribution
                                Workflow Automation
                                Management Dash-Board
                                Data warehouse

Armada facilitates growth and compliance in Bangladeshi Businesses
                Complies with Bangladesh Financial Reporting Standard
                Complies with VAT regulations
                Configurable to adapt to changed Business Strategies and Regulations

Armada is THE ERP for New Generation Business
                Armada captures PROCESSES and not only DATA
                Armada is extendable to mobile devices for Management level visibility
                Armada is the First Realistic Step for Paperless yet Transparent Business
                Armada is for Everyone in your Business
                                The Process Owners
                                The Field Level Managers
                                The Department/Division Heads
                                The Management
And in nutshell (Why)
                Armada introduces automation resulting in faster delivery, reduces margin of error
                Armada helps make decision for future by providing analytical data
                Armada demands only Realistic Infrastructural Investment
                Armada requires no Major Skill Development for Users
                Armada does not demand Major Reengineering of processes, but suggests Best Practices
                Armada is supported by Local Consultants at Affordable Cost
                Armada is Business New Generation; Bangladesh New Generation

ArmadaStickyWe are proud to announce the arrival of Armada—The ERP Solution

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