About Armada


Armada is the product we had been dreaming for all these years. We put all our experience of developing customized solutions for more than hundred clients over last two decades in realizing this dream. We have been working with FMCG, Telecom, Pharmaceuticals sectors, Financial institutions, Heavy industries, Textile and Garment Industries, Service concerns, Hospitals and delivering financial solutions, sales and distribution solutions, HR solutions, procurement, inventory and production solutions.

Now, all our domain knowledge, array of business and compliance understandings and technical prudence are put together in Armada.  We have readied the tool your business has been waiting for.

Armada is the complete solution and still ready to evolve with your requirements.

Armada is business friendly, affordable, free of technological misadventure. There is no learning curve; only adaptation of best practices.

Armada is scalable; it may grow with you.

Drive the Armada way, feel the growth, live the dream.

Armada is Business New Generation: Bangladesh New Generation.

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